Wassup to my New York naybahz. ;-)(get it? naybahz from my naybahood.)
Boom.Threads has come to a city near U!

All those in the mood for great fun, it is advisable to take a journey to Jersey City to visit the lovely “conceptual project space” of Eto S. Oro, Es Oro Gallery.

The event is:

Deep Green
New works in polymedia by:
Ogechi Chieke, Henry G. Sanchez, Eder Muniz, Jade Kuei, Rodina Mikhail, Xenobia Bailey, Maurizio Zuluaga, George “Geo” Smith & Eto S. Oro!

The Deep Green concept is an innovative approach to using simulation to support ongoing creative operations while they are being conducted.

For those of you that don’t already know Jersey City has been dubbed “Brooklyn-lite” by the local bohemian elite. This is a good thing, mind you. I take it to mean fun for the whole family.

What this means for Boom.Threads is that YOU get a chance to visit the gallery and try out the line and get your picture taken in any and as many of the shirts that you want! See yourself on the Blog!!!! Impress your friends with a hot new myspace picture.

YESSSS, lovelies! It’s time 2 get your model on…

Es Oro Gallery’s new show opens this weekend along with the Jersey City Studio Tour.

Fun! Fun! Fun! & Fabulousness! Fashion, Art, Music, Dancing and Networking! All for free!
Can’t beat it with a stick.

I wish I could be there but the country being in a financial crisis has suddenly put a damper on my plans. MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE, PEOPLE! We gonna do this like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and “Don’t Panic.” But that’s another story for another time…

*Bonus! Es Oro has works on loan from George “Geo” Smith. (1945-1999). Artist. Activist. Powerful chronicler of the African diaspora experience and imagination. These are some must see works. seriously.