I dunno why I like stuff like this but I do.
I even participate in shoots like this with my buddy/colleague/mentor Michael B. Platt I don’t have any good images of myself and the work I did with him and I’m working to correct that. Sometimes I’m crazy like that and I don’t keep up with my art. I’m just free with it and I let it go into the world and I almost just forget about things…

Also, I don’t know who did the body painting or why Beard had Veruschka (that’s your girl from the movie“BLOW UP”) running butt nekkid thru the bush. I’m noticing that many mainstream(read *white*) artists can get away w/o really putting much thought/theory into their creations. Well if he can, I can too! I’m done explaining. And critically analyzing, intellectually apologizing, mfa bullshit, etc. I’m an artist and I automatically process shit. I’m like a rosetta stone in this b*#@$ and if you wanna know anything specific, ask me directly or read my blog.

Anywhateverthef*&@way. This is a dope image he did with my fried/sister Gina. She’s a dope artist too. Hit her up on Facebook and tell her I sent ya!

And just for good measure i’m gonna throw in this hot converse. i don’t know who did this, but all u need to have some fun is some black chucks, cream bleach and a paint brush. holla!

Ok, kids. That’s my post for today and maybe you won’t notice that I’m moonlighting on this blog with my one true love… myself!