Ok. I know, I know that Discovery Channel and History Channel are notorious outlets of disinformation, but watching this aroused some special feelings of anger inside of me.

I guess i got angry because i really want to see a fully enlightened consciousness in every human being in my lifetime… (you see, i have expensive tastes 😉 and with so much information out there, i get annoyed at institutionalized racism masquerading as knowledge. i want everyone to live in their divinity right now!

an another thing. i’m getting weary of the alien conspiracies. newsflash!!! we are the aliens. it has long been common knowledge on the planet that we here are VISITORS. and it’s a privilege.

I wanted to lash out, but instead i just lit up the comment section in youtube.

Like to hear it? Here it go..

all these alien theorists can only operate with the flimsy

assumption that europeans are the source of all knowledge and

technology on earth.

another fallacy is that any human is “primitive” before

contact with european culture.

it’s 2009. enough of the racism.

indigenous people stand up and claim your history and


nazca is clearly an air strip. duh!

all of the “theorizing” makes u looks stupid as u boggle your

own mind trying to explain away indigenous achievements +


yes! nazca is an airstrip.

humans have created advanced technology on earth again and

again and again. we’ve been here a long time.

they said it 500 times, but their racism won’t allow them to

believe it.

also, by beating around the bush they can still sell books

and maintain their fake professorships.

people, get your own information.

they sit there all day and talk, yet they cannot recreate the


there is only one alien and it is the european.

they are trying to distract you.

light bulbs, batteries, medicine, aircraft in KMT (egypt)

the industrial revolution began after Napoleon’s “tour”

(raid) of Egypt. (1798-1801)

they destroyed the african features of the pharoahs, raided

the arts and tech from the tombs, studied it in their

universities and museums.

then they repackaged the tech and took credit.

research the lightbulb.

prior to that… dark ages.

they used to have to go to egypt for college.
plato. hippocrates. etc.

let’s have a little more respect for indigenous

spirituality/education/oral history.

not the same as religion/mythology = confusion

aliens = myth

ancestors = interdimensional being

we humans are sharing the earth dimension.

there are others…

stop fearing spirits. spirits teach. anyone can access the

teaching — like what they described on the vid happening in

“ancient times”

how is now different from “ancient times”?

guess what? it’s not.

look within. we hold the power.

there are no beings of superior intelligence coming down to

hold our hands. (mytho/religion)

if u want a flying saucer, build it.

we are not monkeys either. we are gods.

one love.

one last thing.

i’m have no hate 4 the european.

we are all here on earth as visitors.
somehow the european believes they are here as a conqueror.

yes, i know! earth and earthlings are amazing!

let’s just try to live here in harmony. let’s share our information.

but when a small group is using others to try to control and dominate a situation that they can barely understand… not a good look.

this video illustrates that so clearly.

i’m just praying for everyone to come into knowledge.