Artist Statement 2007

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I decided to play a little Sankofa* today.
This pretty much sums up my feelings from Spring ’07 when I first moved westward.
I was an artist searching through history, medium, culture, technology, and representation.
Proud to say, not much has changed on that artistic front because I see that as a strength and a creative wellspring for all my endeavors. 😉
I’m a work in progress.
Moving forward in 2010.
Grow with me on the blog, baby.

*’Sankofa’ is an Akan word that means, “We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward;in order to enable us to understand why and how we came to be who we are today.”

Black President: Xerox Corp.’s Ursula Burns

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(From Bloomberg Report)

Burns, 50, will become chief executive officer on July 1, ending the eight-year run of Anne Mulcahy, who will stay on as chairman. Mulcahy, 56, named Burns president in 2007, almost three decades after Burns joined Xerox as a summer intern.

Burns will be one of about 15 women who lead Fortune 500 companies and her ascension will mark the first female-to-female transition, according to Fortune. Her promotion cements her status as the most powerful black woman in the corporate world.

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I can’t readily reverse engineer this hustle but this sh*t is tiiiiiight!

Filhos De Ghandy

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Filhos De Ghandy is a Brazillian secret order of men who are dedicated to, of all things,


A novel idea, eh?
When can we start doing stuff like this in America?

The elders are also involved.

Even the light skinned brothers get in on the action. 😉 Clearly for the people.

They always get the girl…

Organization. Power.

Rites of Passage.

Gangasta body art.

Um.. I’m really not mad at this.

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My auntie gave me this wonderful album as a teen and introduced me to this revolutionary concept via classic Brazilian music. Highly recommended.

This is the late Clara Nunes singing “Ijexa” celebrating the group. Enjoy 🙂

South Africa’s Fashion Week

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This was really fun to watch and inspiring. I especially liked the part when they talked about cultivating the local market. That’s dope that those creative African are doing their own thing. It’s not all about imitating other artists all the time or trying to break into the mainstream market.

Sometimes it can be more grounding and in the long run more fruitful to work with what you have instead of chasing some outside shit. Chasing some alien shit.

We got it all in the motherland.

Africa on the RIZE.
Nigeria stand UP!
Igbo Kwenu!