mami wata is a non-human shapeshifting amphibious being who
accepts offerings of chicken blood from her initiates in exchange 4
wealth, power, and supernatual healing energies.
sybolized by the python, or the royal rainbow for those of you in the know.
sound familiar?

if that’s not enough, it abducts folks.
it gets freaky w/ both men & women
in the dream dimension.

she’s the ancient isis.

catching the spirit.
certain african rhythms cause the initiates to enter a trance state
while dancing in worship of this diety.
this is clearly the fonk in action.

what are we dealing with here?

all things are revealed in time…
-oge chukwu ka mma!

more than a woman.

the official survey.

spirit healers at work.

who is the orisa called olokun?

Downtown 81
1981 film starring Jean-Michel Basquiat
aka Black Future Soothseer, this man was amazing.

Malcolm X Speeches
God’s Judgement of White America
(The Chickens Come Home to Roost)
Malcolm X, edited by Imam Benjamin Karim