Don’t Worry, Mike, Ogechi Loves You!

I’m gonna need people to stop calling my baby Mike Tyson crazy.

Can’t you see this is just an sincere afrikan warrior man being real with his feelings?!!

No Sex Zone

As I was contemplating my own vow of celibacy i ran into this gem 😉

There is so much truth in this, it is effortlessly funny.

These things don’t really apply to my particular issue.

More on that later. It’s real in the field, tho.

(So real I really took some time out to counsel the youth!)

Yo! I think this could help some people see the light.

I actually know quite a few nickels like this!


Black President: Xerox Corp.’s Ursula Burns

(From Bloomberg Report)

Burns, 50, will become chief executive officer on July 1, ending the eight-year run of Anne Mulcahy, who will stay on as chairman. Mulcahy, 56, named Burns president in 2007, almost three decades after Burns joined Xerox as a summer intern.

Burns will be one of about 15 women who lead Fortune 500 companies and her ascension will mark the first female-to-female transition, according to Fortune. Her promotion cements her status as the most powerful black woman in the corporate world.

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I can’t readily reverse engineer this hustle but this sh*t is tiiiiiight!

Kill. The. Game.


A hot new photo shoot from mi #3 negra modela favorita!

(#1 being myself. #2 being naomi.)

Yes, children….

Laugh now and cry later, but I saw her mama on the documentary and she was a certified Negro! I don’t care, baby. One drop rule.

And, YES! This is a hot photo shoot.

…and it was probably inspired by Kanye’s ex-girl Amber Rose with the dress she wore to Paris fashion week but Ms. Lima made it hotter!!!

Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!

sexy short hair…. check!

hot bodycon black mesh…. check!

updated 80’s retro style…. check!

kuba cloth design appropriated by high fashion…. check!

more face than u can handle…. check!

Afrika Kwenu!




you don’t really know me right now if you don’t know about my addition to fine fingernails.

Tryin’ To Get My Kim Vo On…

might not be this week, because i’m moving, but i’m coming for you Kimmy.

this much, i know is true.

and to those haters of the finer things in life wanna twist it up and call me bougie?

all i have to say is stop hating and get money!

Warriors… Come Out To Play-yaaaaaay!

thanks to the dude at work i remembered how badly i need to get this movie in my life!!!

i’ve never even seen it?

can you beleive it?

it’s only one of the most slept-on but highly influential to everything classic film of the 70’s.

and that fool puffy was singing “bad boy, come out and play-ay!” and the whole time it was really: warriors come out 2 play and u were none the wiser…

plus the styling on all the gang members is hot!

i’m gonna watch it online 4 fray this wknd.

i promise you.