Dis is Dedicated to the Bloggers… Not all, but some.

They sit there watchin on the side lines
Not even known if they ass was on the line
Could they make it out in time?
So quick to criticize
Yet they never realize
That the story’s different
Every single every time
You just Mind your business
And I’ll mind mine.

They just wanna site there on the sidelines
And criticze
Media got them mesmerized
Can’t keep track of what’s happening in they own lives.
Don’t know which way to go
Cause they’ve been filled up with lies
No discernment.
And it’s urgent that this madness cease
Until folks deal with the real
There won’t be no justice or no peace.

Changin’ The Format for ’09

Something about my whole internet swag is going to change very soon.
In time to ring in the ’09.

In fact, a lot of things.

I needs these blogs to be journal spaces and sounding boards so i’m going to stop pretending to be addressing my hordes of followers on twitter and get down and dirty with this branding business.

I need a place to be dream self.
More brainstorming. Less performing.

Besides boomthreads was never really meant for public consumption and appealing to the lowest common denominator.

so all that to say, many things are changing.

if you are looking for the lasted trendy bandwagon to hop on board, you’re gonna have to look somewhere else b/c ogechi never was and never will be about that.

if you are looking for bonafide soulful connection and creative experience, we will be bringing more of that. it’s multi-media, baby.

soooo, i will henceforth be merging boomthreads.blogspot.com with therealogechi.blogspot dot com underneath a new heading which will be ogechi.blogspot.com if i can get that domain…

hold a min.
let me try.

image by keif
t-shirt by georgia

Filhos De Ghandy

Filhos De Ghandy is a Brazillian secret order of men who are dedicated to, of all things,


A novel idea, eh?
When can we start doing stuff like this in America?

The elders are also involved.

Even the light skinned brothers get in on the action. 😉 Clearly for the people.

They always get the girl…

Organization. Power.

Rites of Passage.

Gangasta body art.

Um.. I’m really not mad at this.

<img style="cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 400px; height: 307px;" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_WMBzp4yBsE0/STwJVku8mYI/AAAAAAAAAOk/7X5KbxTuDGU/s400/2.03_carnaval_blocos+filhos+de+gandhy4.jpg" border="0"
alt=””id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5277103129613867394″ />

My auntie gave me this wonderful album as a teen and introduced me to this revolutionary concept via classic Brazilian music. Highly recommended.

This is the late Clara Nunes singing “Ijexa” celebrating the group. Enjoy 🙂

Hot Shi*

obama spirit is selling everthing.
why don’t i have any obama shirts, yet, you ask?
i didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon.
i love the obamas but its a quiet love i have for them.
i like what they represent to a certain degree.
love the strength and wisdom.
leaving the conformity.

Iraq. What’s really going on?

This is a political post.
But maybe not really.
More of a human rights thing.
$1 for the first person who can tell me why an occupying entity might find it useful to exterminate the Ph.Ds and lecturing professors (ie. griots) in a target society.
Planet Earth. Planet Earth. SMDH.
Human behavior might be a mystery to some…
I just read this thought provoking blog that links to a list of the intellectuals that have been executed during the “War in Iraq”
Such a waste of life.
What’s the use of knowing about things like this?
And this is just a glimpse of the magnanimity of what this period of “history” is really about.
No one seems to care when you tell them.
Most folks I encounter don’t want to know.
Butterfly effect.
That means that even shit you don’t know about still affects you.
Good and Bad.
It’s a balance and we float in the middle.
I’m not trying to focus on the negative, but as our world gets increasingly global, I’m thinking it’s just a matter of time before things like this happen on US soil… again.
My dad keeps bugging me about a Ph.D. (Not like I actually do things that he says… LOVE U DAD!) But after browsing that list, seems that’s like drawing a bulls eye on your head.
I’m a life long student.
I love learning.
I’m a student of life.
Speaking from experience, formal education is just ok. (Debt, not so much.)
New World Order in full effect people.
Last days.
Just for the record, I vote no.
Not enough time for that, anyway.

Peter Beard and Veruschka in "Africa"

I dunno why I like stuff like this but I do.
I even participate in shoots like this with my buddy/colleague/mentor Michael B. Platt I don’t have any good images of myself and the work I did with him and I’m working to correct that. Sometimes I’m crazy like that and I don’t keep up with my art. I’m just free with it and I let it go into the world and I almost just forget about things…

Also, I don’t know who did the body painting or why Beard had Veruschka (that’s your girl from the movie“BLOW UP”) running butt nekkid thru the bush. I’m noticing that many mainstream(read *white*) artists can get away w/o really putting much thought/theory into their creations. Well if he can, I can too! I’m done explaining. And critically analyzing, intellectually apologizing, mfa bullshit, etc. I’m an artist and I automatically process shit. I’m like a rosetta stone in this b*#@$ and if you wanna know anything specific, ask me directly or read my blog.

Anywhateverthef*&@way. This is a dope image he did with my fried/sister Gina. She’s a dope artist too. Hit her up on Facebook and tell her I sent ya!

And just for good measure i’m gonna throw in this hot converse. i don’t know who did this, but all u need to have some fun is some black chucks, cream bleach and a paint brush. holla!

Ok, kids. That’s my post for today and maybe you won’t notice that I’m moonlighting on this blog with my one true love… myself!