A Look Back…

It’s important to me to know where I came from in order to remain focused on where I’m going. This is my heavy graphics phase. I still like graphics kinda… but my inspiration has undergone dramatic transformation and is still transforming.

My biggest goal at this time in my life was to make a technically complex vision that people had never seen before. Secondly, was to educate people about what I thought was my opinion about the state of the race and the fate of the planet.

Now, I realize that my real important thing to do is just communicate clearly. I’m getting out my visual shit through boomthreads.blogspot.com but I’m just trying to ship out the amount of backed up work I’ve shot.

Then the hard drive that had all this stuff on it crashed so who know’s if I’ll ever see this stuff again in its entirety and not on the internet. That’s the way the cookie crumbles when u wait to do shit.

Now I no longer with to educate or compel any person’s actions with information. I’m actually just more interested in completing and documenting my individual cycle of growth.

Call me selfish. That’s just the shit I’m on right now.

I find it frustrating trying to make people understand what I’m saying. Some do, but that means the mind is already open. Some try to pretend they don’t but that has little to do with me but relates more closely to the ignorance that they allow to colonize their mind.

Either way…

I’m on some next.

South Africa’s Fashion Week

This was really fun to watch and inspiring. I especially liked the part when they talked about cultivating the local market. That’s dope that those creative African are doing their own thing. It’s not all about imitating other artists all the time or trying to break into the mainstream market.

Sometimes it can be more grounding and in the long run more fruitful to work with what you have instead of chasing some outside shit. Chasing some alien shit.

We got it all in the motherland.

Africa on the RIZE.
Nigeria stand UP!
Igbo Kwenu!

I Appreciate Your Honesty.

I almost typed on here, “I appreciate your Hennessy.”
I can’t really handle any more Thug Passion since my “incident” but if you give it to me, I’ll have a gift for someone else. 😉
Gifts of any kind and monetary donations are very welcome around these parts.

I’ll settle for honesty.

If you visit this site, please leave a comment.

Thank you.

-the mgmt


Ok. So enough people complained about the price of hand painted works of art on T-shirts, that I designed a lower priced line of Boom.Threads. I haven’t decided what T-shirt service I’m going to use yet, but keep checking this blog and you’ll be the first to know.

Random pics from Rory’s ultra hip birthday bash photographed by the sickeningly hip photographer The Cobra Snake

Anybody who knows me knows I love to get loose on the dancefloor. I don’t care about how I look. That’s just what happens when the holy spirit takes over.

Maybe that’s why I’m not that hip… Or maybe I’m hipper than hip and I just don’t know it yet. 😮


Ok. I lied. It’s not really summer anymore. But it sure feels like it to an East Coast girl like me. My trip to D.H. Gremlin Studios in Long Beach produced this shot (among others…) from the very talented Wendy aka Wynnesome. I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

And the D.H. Gremlin story is interesting, too. From what I could peice together he’s a multi-talented artist who wound up in LA w/ no family/friends/connects/etc., and built a community around himself that continues to be a successful recording studio, and photo studio that services the LBC and Los Angeles communities at an affordable cost.

What’s sprung up there is a tight knit community of artists and professionals that support and learn from each other. And they are very welcoming.

When I went in there I saw the African drums and crystals, a little stone henge shrine, some gongs… a little something sacred from every culture… and I knew I was in a good place.

That’s tight. 🙂


I love these scarification designs… the sacred textures and patterns inspire me when i paint boomthreads.