New Shirt. New Day.

Hey, folks.

Check out my latest photo shoot with Long Beach based photographer Tatiana Lavin and model Cazz. Make-up and hair done by the Deadly Illyne.

They were an exuberant team of creatives and afterward we chatted about self-expression. More photos and video coming soon…

Saturday Showdown!

Two great shows in one day!

At least you don’t have to choose because Nat Creole’s Ready or Not is during the day on Saturday, and Deep Green is an evening event. Sound round up the kiddies and mommies and daddies and head to the Flatbush Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library on Saturday, Ocotober 4. Take one dose of BOom in the morning and another at night to make your day complete!

This show features the “Boss Logic” Shirley Chisolm portrait, as well as the special limited edition “Amigo -o- Enemigo” to commemorate the so-called Economic Crisis. Had a good laugh with that one. Gift economy, anyone? Also featured is the classic “V is for Victory” design.

I Go BOom.boOM In Jersey City

Wassup to my New York naybahz. ;-)(get it? naybahz from my naybahood.)
Boom.Threads has come to a city near U!

All those in the mood for great fun, it is advisable to take a journey to Jersey City to visit the lovely “conceptual project space” of Eto S. Oro, Es Oro Gallery.

The event is:

Deep Green
New works in polymedia by:
Ogechi Chieke, Henry G. Sanchez, Eder Muniz, Jade Kuei, Rodina Mikhail, Xenobia Bailey, Maurizio Zuluaga, George “Geo” Smith & Eto S. Oro!

The Deep Green concept is an innovative approach to using simulation to support ongoing creative operations while they are being conducted.

For those of you that don’t already know Jersey City has been dubbed “Brooklyn-lite” by the local bohemian elite. This is a good thing, mind you. I take it to mean fun for the whole family.

What this means for Boom.Threads is that YOU get a chance to visit the gallery and try out the line and get your picture taken in any and as many of the shirts that you want! See yourself on the Blog!!!! Impress your friends with a hot new myspace picture.

YESSSS, lovelies! It’s time 2 get your model on…

Es Oro Gallery’s new show opens this weekend along with the Jersey City Studio Tour.

Fun! Fun! Fun! & Fabulousness! Fashion, Art, Music, Dancing and Networking! All for free!
Can’t beat it with a stick.

I wish I could be there but the country being in a financial crisis has suddenly put a damper on my plans. MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE, PEOPLE! We gonna do this like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and “Don’t Panic.” But that’s another story for another time…

*Bonus! Es Oro has works on loan from George “Geo” Smith. (1945-1999). Artist. Activist. Powerful chronicler of the African diaspora experience and imagination. These are some must see works. seriously.

She Put The Fantastic In Boomtastic

This is Rory. She’s a 14 year old student by day, full-time hip-hop dancer and 24/7 trendsetter. All of this activity makes her a little wiser than her years, but I can assure you, she is a certified card carrying young person. Don’t mess with her or you deal with me 😀

Rory is wearing the classic “So, Boom” Logo design which is available in various colors. She chose this design, “because there was splatter all over it, which looks like fun. It represents fun because splatter plaint or dots seem to represent freedom because you cannot control where the paint is going to fly.” Stated in her own words.

To sample more of Rory’s wisdom and philosophy, add her on myspace or search Aurora Hoffman on Facebook.


Girl With The Boom

Meet Kasha. She’s an Los Angeles, resident dear friend of Boom.Threads and Renaissance Woman of the Fine Arts. Her talents include independent Filmmaking and Production.

Kasha wears the “Starry Eyed Girl” design from Boom.Threads. She likes the bold color palate and the liberal use of Magenta, for which she has an “affinity.” She found it sexy and unique. “It’s hard and soft at the same time,” Ms. Esque noted. The character design resonated with her own no nonsense character. “The woman on the shirt looks like she knows what she wants and won’t settle for less,” Kasha remarked.

Check out Kasha’s Latest Photography on
Feel free to contact her on Myspace

BOoM! Shake, Shake, Shake The Room!


And I am your host, Ogechi aka Uchiwali The Extraterrestrial aka Somethin’ U Never Seent Befo’. Enjoy the energy radiation from these one of a kind paintings from the artistic mind of a true earthbound alien and the dynamic spirits who model the designs.

Why is it???

That every time I go to a doctor’s office, the doctor talks fast than an auction announcer? And runs tests like he’s speedy gonzalez and then poof! he’s gone.
then that silly ass no-information having nurse comes back to play some wizard of oz shit, like, “Are you sure you have a question for the doctor?” And I’m like, “Yes, ho. I’m sure.” Then the doctor comes back after a while (cause they have to make you wait.) with an attitude. And here I am just trying to get a clear picture of my health. Shit. I just dropped my pants to get a shot of who-knows-what-pharmaceutical in my ass! And you got me on the table all vulnerable and got a damn attitude when I’m asking legitamate questions about his diagnosis and my health?

See, that’s why I don’t mess with ya’ll “doctors.”
How you gonna leave the CARE out of healthcare?
I’m not relly convinced with the health aspect either. U need more people.
U need to rename that system Pharmacutical Dispersal System or something to better represent the robotic nature of you money-grubbing customer relations.
U make the illness, then you make a drug.
U can’t create a cure cause the foundation’s too impure.
Babylon Must Fall.

btw. i have tonsilitis. pray 4 me.

Unlimited Supply of Unshakable, 24/7 P.E.A.C.E.!!!

(U Bettah Ask Somebody!)

Law of Amen

You were made in the likeness of a peace that nothing can disturb. Reclaim your peace that you may attain to your reason for coming into existence – the enjoyment of life.

Law of Ausar
Your nature is unconquerable peace, therefore nothing or no one in the world can be against you. All experiences come to you to promote your reclamation of peace, that you may in turn acquire wisdom and spiritual power.

Law of Tehuti
When all of your thoughts, feelings, and actions reflect the Word of God, then the power of God’s spirit and a peace that nothing can challenge will flow through your being.

Law of Seker
When the emotions of Man manifest in response to the Word of God, they have the power to influence the course of any and all events in the world.

Law of Ma’at
God needs you in order to come into the world. Fulfilling God’s need is the highest act of love, and only through your love for God can you fulfill your love for others. Become the Love of God in the world for the protection of the world.

Law of Herukhuti
Know that God neither punishes nor rewards nor protects, that you will have the comfort of controlling these for yourself.

Law of Heru
You have the power but not the right to ignore God’s Law. Choose to follow the Law of God with the love and joy that grows out of your understanding, and the wisdom and power of God’s spirit will flow through your being.

Law of Het-Heru
It is not what you imagine. It is who is imagining. Are you a human or divine being?

Law of Sebek
It is not what you think or what you affirm. It is who is thinking and who is affirming. Are you a human or divine being?

Law of Auset
I know that I am devoted to spirituality for I have given the highest priority in my life to the resurrection of Ausar.

Law of Geb
Know that from heaven you came and to heaven you will return, seek not enduring works on earth.

Thank you, Brother Ra Un Nefer Amen and…

Hotel Rwanda… Chew On This!

I watched the movie Hotel Rwanda tonight and it drained my last energy. (The first time I cried in the theatre.) This time, As I was watching I thought to myself. Man, we need to Brainstorm this… Why, How did this happen? Unity could have saved this.

“The French army was deeply involved in Hutu preparations for mass murder. French soldiers trained Hutu Power militias and Habyarimana’s own Presidential Guard. Mitterrand tripled financial aid to the country which the Habyarimana regime funneled into private accounts and used to purchase more arms and fuel their elite lifestyle. The Rwandan army increased from 5000 to 28,000 fully equipped soldiers. During 1991-92, France spent $6 million on arms donations to Rwanda (including mortars, light artillery, armored cars and helicopters). In 1993 – the year before the genocide – it spent $4 million in precisely the same way. (France was also a benefactor of Zaire, which means that Mitterrand, among others, is responsible for arming the current war in Congo.) By the time Hutu Power hatred was unleashed this pathologically racist State (whose whole existence now revolved around the Holocaust it was about to perpetrate) had been armed to the teeth – at the expense of French tax-payers!”

But the best part is how Clinton denied that this genocide even existed. Put that in your ballot and smoke it!
OBAMA 2008, you suckaz!

“In 1994, the US denied the existence of the Rwandan genocide and offered their own formulation instead: “acts of genocide may have occurred” (Clinton parlance). A journalist shot back with the question: how many “acts of genocide” does it take to make a genocide?”