nke = share, portion, act of sharing, whose, of what
chi = diminutive of chukwu, chukwu=god, almighty omnipotent, omniscient, creative energy of the universe!
chi= also corresponds to the personal spirit, guardian angel, soul which is rooted in the ancient egyptian concept “ka” or “ki” for everlasting spirit.
chi, ki, and “qi” from the chinese energy flow are actually the same word. it’s just in many cultures. it has the same pronunciation.

nkechi therefore = “a portion of the almighty -or- what god has shared with me -or- both!”

or what our father so described as ‘”well, i wanted a boy and god gave me a girl so nkechi means “what god gives”‘
which is the literal meaning but doesn’t describe the whole meaning.
i can’t blame the afrikans for this type of ignorance, because in many ways we are just beginning their knowledge of self journey (KOS)
sometimes we act like they have it all figured out to disguise the fact that we actually don’t know.
not everyone makes time to study these things like i do.

all that to say,
if the creator found a way to call you nkechi,
never doubt that you are something special!

It shall be so!

This is the cam i wanna shoot in 2008.
I basically want to make love to this apparatus.
It has 24P. Records to solid state drives. Crisp clear image that responds well in various lighting conditions. Jyeah!

That’s the Panasonic AG-HVX200

If you love me, cop dat. It’s on sale.

Black Messiahs

Buddha of India was Black, that’s why his woolly hair is always shown in small tight curls – pepper corn style, or in corn rows. Early sculptures of him clearly portray his Africoid features of wide nose and full lips. “Buddha was adored as a square black stone.” 1 In the most ancient temples of Asia and India, the sculptures of the gods and goddesses have Africoid features and woolly hair in pepper corn style and even dredlocks.

Fu-Hsi, the “Son of Heaven” and legendary first Emperor of China, was Black and woolly haired. 2

Zaha of Japan was woolly haired and Afrikan in appearance. 3

Kar of Afrika’s Nile Valley was the inner soul of Mother Earth, a beautiful ebony virgin who was the “Heart of the World.” 4 Shrines of Karnak in Egypt and Carnac in Brittany were dedicated to Kar, the Goddess of Agriculture, especially the growth of grain. She was Kore to the Arabs and Greeks, Ceres to the Romans. Derivatives of her name include cereal, corn, kernel, cardia (heart), care, and cherish. If you cut an apple transversely, you will discover that every apple has a “Kore,” the magic pentacle which is her symbol.

Moses was Black according to Mohammedan tradition and early portraits. His hand would turn white, then back to his “other flesh” when God wished to give him a sign (Exo. 4:6-7).

Apollo was Black and woollyhaired like his father Zeus. The world famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem is named after him.

Venus of Willendorf is a famous stature of the Mother God as she was worshipped some 15 to 20 thousand years ago. Although she is found in most art history books, none mention that she is Africoid: her entire faceless head is covered with woolly hair like that of Buddha’s.

Krishna of India was “blue black.” His name means black or The Black One! He is always portrayed with black or blue skin, and his hair was woolly according to the Cambridge Encyclopedia, 1 and sometimes locked.

Tyr of Scandinavia was a woolly haired Norse god who preceded Thor as a sky deity. 2

Athena of “Greek” mythology was Black and woolly haired, originating from Afrika (Libya). She was later whitened up like the other Afrikan gods adopted by Europe. She was also known as Anath, Medusa, and the Egyptian goddess Neith.3

Isis (As-t) the greatest of Afrikan Goddesses, was worshipped throughout the ancient world in Egypt, Greece, Rome and beyond. Known under many names, She was the “Queen of Heaven” and the “Goddess from whom all becoming arose.” The worship of Her survives today, disguised as the worship of the Black Madonna throughout Catholic Europe.

Lao-tse of Taoism ‘was born of Mohammed of Islam was a virgin, black in complexion, described ‘marvelous and beautiful as jasper.’ Splendid temples were erected to him, and he was worshiped as a god ” 4

Scotia was a Black goddess and Egyptian princess after which Scotland is named. 5

Caillech (Cale, Kali) was known as the “Black Queen” in medieval legend, and to the Cells as the mother of many races. The Spanish called her Califia and gave her name to their newly discovered paradise which is now called California. 6

Quetzalcoatl of Mexico was “recognized as the Messiah by seers and astrologers; his head was rayed; his complexion was black; his hair was woolly.” 7 He was never blond or white, as stated by friars, though he may have been clad in white. 8

Osiris (Azar), husband of Isis and greatest of Egyptian gods, was called “The Great Black,” similar to Krishna. His chief title Gleans ‘Ford of the Perfect Black;” “Osiris was sun-rayed; his complexion was black and his hair was woolly.” 9

Mohammed of Islam was ‘large mouthed’, ‘bluish’ in color with ‘frizzy’ hair. His grandfather was “black as the night and magnificent.” 10

Zeus, the top god and father of gods in Greek mythology, was Black and woolly haired, having originated in Afrika. His chief title was Ethiops (burnt faced).

At Delphi in Greece, the oracles of Dodona and Apollo were founded by two “Black Doves” or Afrikan priestesses from Thebes, according to Herodotus. 11

Circe, who played a great role in Homer’s Odyssey, was the most famous female magician of all time. “Ancient Greek drawings depict her as a beautiful African woman.” 12

Ixliton, the name of a Mexican god, means “black faced.” 13 Many ancient Mexican gods are portrayed jet black with Africoid features.

Dilyehe, meaning Home ofthe Black God, was the name which the Navajo gave to the seven suns of Pleiades. 16

Kali was the Great Black Mother, the Hindu Triple Goddess of Creation, Preservation, and Destruction.

The color BLACK represented holiness and the image of God throughout the ancient world

Historian Sir Godfrey Higgens wrote, “the originals of all the Gods have been of He black race.” 14 The ancients viewed the sacred image of the Divine as Black. And woolly hair was a sign of divinity – called “the hair of the gods.” 15 In the next section, we shall discover why.


The Black Art Movement is gaining momentum. It has departed from the gallery and is now taking it to the streets! We are taking it to the people where they LIVE. It’s a living movement! Each artist/seer is waking up to his or her Black greatness and Pride and sharing it everywhere and with everyone. Creators have already begun to initiate the Unity relationship with our environment. Watch Out! Creativity and Wonder are coming to a hood near you!

The Spirit of the Truth

I’m the Lord, Mutha Fucka, Not who you thought I was!
– The Spirit of the Truth

The Spirit of the Truth

This is closer to how Jesus probably was perceived by the people of his day.
The Profane is Holy, and the Holy is Profane. – Kal-el Johnson Bey

It’s a little abusive for my tastes but hey, I guess we gotta get it how we live. The enthusiasm is magnetic. And he already knew about the music… I’m a sucker for the video backgrounds. -Uchiwali

The Spirit of Truth – The One Man Show – Part 1

The Spirit Of Truth – The One Man Show – Part 2

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All this talk about current events.
Let’s get bacl to the meaning behind the message.


Creative Visualization

If you don’t want nothin’,
You can’t get nothin’.

Let’s all take a moment of silence and focus our third eye on one thing we want.
Mind Power!!!

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Success Consciousness

The word itself, does not mean “the undead” or “vampire”, as is popularly thought. Actually, “Nosferatu” means “plague-carrier” and derives from Greek nosophoros (νοσοφορος, “disease-bearing”).

No, no, Black Man…
That will never do.
Folks who want to rationalize this & lie
to yourselves to make this seem alright…
Get off his dick.
Dick riding never made you any money.
In fact, it only costs you money.
Just let it go.
We can do much better than this.

Damn Mom!
David: I see them Juidac, Hebrew and Aramic Letters hanging over a Nigga’s Head, Moms’ is tripping about all this Quaballah shit!
Guy Ritchie: Make sure you come straight home after school. I need you to help me edit the new Malawi documentary.
David: Yeah, whatever, Nigga.
[while rushing out the door on his way to School]
(UAC)But this ain’t no movie, family.
The Chronicles, The Path, The Money Trails, The Media Slants
They still tripping on Race Politics, meanwhile she over there trying indoctranate the African Spirit in her Secret Order of Shamanhood. Let’s get them spirits and bring em’ back to the Hood. That’s what Madonna wants. Kabbalah Centre for Life, Homie!

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Digging Deeper On this Shit, Kaballah What?
Madonna has become the goddess Hera, flying down from Olympus to meddle in the lives of Mortals. People ass worship celebrities becuase they want to be controlled by a stronger wiser Entity. She believes herself to be a Spiritual Alchemist in the Quabalah Order of the Golden Dawn. Wow! I would probably like it if it wasn’t so Pro Reptillian and all. Why is she in Afrika? I’m starting see how these stars will express their beliefs early in the game and then actualize the shit later. Look at the name she gave herself, The Mother of Zues Cristos. Kaballah: I mean Cobra La meets I ching. I Peep Game.

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The Zohar:
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